The 7 Best Spring Break Cities to Visit With Your Kids

The Mom's Guide to GlasgowEverybody loves spring break, right? Sunshine, no school, and a couple weeks to hit the open road or even get out of the country? Well, if you’re traveling with kids (you know, those small humans who actually attend school and are thus the main beneficiaries of the entire spring break concept), things aren’t always so free-wheeling. You want to plan a trip that the whole family will enjoy — and there’s no way in hell that includes belly shots and wet T-shirt contests in Cancún. On the flip side, planning a child-focused vacation that’s going to be 99% kiddie pools and awful resort buffets leaves no room for creativity, spontaneity, or elegance. So what’s a Cool Mom to do? Where should you travel on spring break with kids — if you’re not into Disney, Atlantis, or generally any aspect of #resortlife? The answer is simple: Pick a city.

But not just any city. We’ve rounded up ideal spots for a range of budgets and travel distances, courtesy of our Mom Voyage series of city guides for parents traveling with tots. With these city picks, we’re aiming for the non-Disney side of family travel: urban vacations with chic but kid-inclusive options all ages will adore.

Read on for this year’s favorite destinations for your family spring break adventure — now, you (and your savings account) just have to decide whether you want to road trip down South or book a flight across the globe.