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The Best Kids Playroom Ideas We Are Stealing From Pinterest

When you have little ones, a playroom can be a true gift. It’s a place your kids can go to feel safe, to study, to use their imaginations, to read — the options are nearly endless. But like any space kids occupy, it’s important to create one that is as smart as it is fun. And if it’s also beautiful? Well, that’s a big bonus.

In our pursuit of the most perfect playroom, we did what any red-blooded mamas would do: We turned to Pinterest. There, we perused and perused (and perused some more) until we found 17 playroom ideas far too clever to ignore.

From color-coded organization to whimsical wall art and everything in between, these ideas will make your playroom irresistible to the kids in your household. In fact, these ideas are so fantastic they might even lure you into the playroom on a regular basis too.

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