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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for January

January is almost here, and with it, a down-to-business attitude that comes straight from the sun’s visit to Capricorn. End-of-year festivities fade as vigorous new beginnings emerge, so wave goodbye to the shit show that was 2018, and say hello to the new year! Winter can be a time-crunch with kids (hello, darkness at 4 p.m. — we did not miss you), but only if you allow it to be. Your creativity will be crucial, and you’ll be grateful for some help from the cosmos.

“The solar eclipse that marks the new moon on the 5th will supercharge the sensation of starting over. Institute new winter routines, and say yes to all the activities that keep children busy, even if it means you must turn up your collar and put everyone in puffy coats first,” astrologer and empowerment coach Judi Vitale tells SheKnows. “The hyperactive planet Uranus will spin back into forward motion on the 6th, delivering the inspiration to do ‘something different’ as often as possible,” she adds.

“Venus will move into Sagittarius on the 7th, encouraging more group gatherings, which will peak when it cozies up to Jupiter’s exuberance on the 22nd,” Vitale says. Planning the parties can be as fun as throwing and going to them, so get the little ones involved in the preparations as much as possible. Just before that, on the 20th, the lunar eclipse and full moon will strike a major spark for any activities that involve creativity, leadership skills and a sense of drama.

By month’s end, you may even wonder how winter could possibly be going so fast. Don’t forget to take a moment to make those snow angels. But that’s not all. Read on to find out what the cosmos has in store for you and your little ones this January.

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