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Proof Netflix Is All You Need to Find Your Perfect Baby Name

Forget scouring the internet or trawling through baby name books. Sometimes, all the baby name inspiration you need is right before your eyes — even when all you’re doing is watching TV. And let’s face it; if there’s one time you’re entitled to put your feet up for a binge-watch, it’s during pregnancy. Netflix has over 80 original shows full of weird and wonderful characters with equally weird and wonderful names.

Plenty of on-screen characters — from TwilightGame of Thrones and The Hunger Games to name but a few — over the years have inspired parents to get inventive with their baby name choices or triggered a revival of older, more traditional names. So why shouldn’t the latest Netflix smash do the same? Check out these cool character names from shows like Collateral, Grace and Frankie and The Haunting of Hill House.

And if anyone dares to question your horizontal position on the sofa glued to the screen, just tell them you’re doing very important research.

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