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The A to Z of 2018 Teen Slang, Deciphered

Ever wonder if you’re understanding your adolescent correctly these days? You’re not the only one. 2018 has left a lot of parents of teens and preteens scratching their heads wondering about the onslaught of new vocabulary they’re hearing from their kids. It’s been quite a year for slang, and it’s OK to admit you’re not sure what the hell is going on.

Pop quiz: Whatever you do, don’t go sliding into your teen’s DM. Bible, that’s a cringy AF way to try to figure out WTF your kid is talking about. Stick with us, squad. We’re finna spill the tea about 2018’s top-shelf slang, and legit, you need to get woke or skurt, okurr?

If you were scratching your head by “DM,” well, lucky you. We can help with this handy-dandy guide to 2018 slang. Just don’t go getting all extra on your kids. Stay low-key and keep it 100.

If you could decipher that first paragraph, fam, zayum. You’ve been keeping up with 2018’s most lit lingo and are quite possibly not a regular mom, but a cool mom.



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