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The 21 Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season

Got an adorable newborn in your life? The holidays are for gift-giving, and that holds true even if that cute bundle of joy isn’t big enough to unwrap their present. And this has been a banner year for baby stuff — from the cutest clothes to engaging toys, there are plenty of useful gifts to give to a brand-new human.

Plenty of new parents already registered for/received a lot of baby “necessities” (if you can call them that), but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck; there are plenty of items Baby will love that their parents likely haven’t thought of. And as that baby grows, parenting (and shopping for the baby) is an ever-moving target. These items will stand the test of time, and kiddo will be able to use quite a few of them well into next year.

Regardless of which holiday(s) this particular baby celebrates (hey, newborns love Festivus just as much as the rest of us), these gifts will make this year memorable.

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