New Mom Gifts That Have Nothing to Do With the Baby

New moms — at least the lucky ones — are often drowning in gifts: onesies, pacifiers, swaddles, those blankets for posing the baby on and circling how many months old they are, you name it. These presents arrive in droves in the weeks before and after the baby does. And while all those gifts are wonderful and thoughtful and generous, they’re really for… the baby. What do you do if you really want to make a new mom smile? Give her something for herself.

Especially around the holidays, a gift that acknowledges just how dang tough it is to have a new baby will mean so much. And that holds true (possibly especially) even if the baby isn’t newborn-new; those second three months are just as tough as the first! (This goes double if it’s her second or third kid. Yes, she has all the baby gear, but now, she’s twice as wiped out.) So whether she’s in the trenches of breastfeeding, adjusting to the life rearrangement of constant newborn naps or just dealing with sleep deprivation, the gift ideas ahead are all about mom — and making her life easier at a time when she definitely needs all the help she can get.