Asian-inspired meals for kids to help make

by SheKnows
Aug 3, 2013 at 5:22 p.m. ET
For a quick meal, this delicious Asian stir-fry noodle recipe is one that both you and the kids will love.

1 /14: Lettuce wraps

1/14 :Lettuce wraps

Kids will love assembling these healthy (and tasty) Thai chicken lettuce wraps.

2 /14: Asian beef tacos

2/14 :Asian beef tacos

If your kids love tacos, mix things up a little with these Asian beef tacos for dinner.

3 /14: Spring rolls

3/14 : Spring rolls

Let your kids customize their spring rolls exactly how they want them by adding the fillings themselves.

4 /14: Chicken and apple balls

4/14 :Chicken and apple balls

Let your kids get involved in the kitchen, rolling these chicken and apple balls and placing them on skewers.

5 /14: Pizza egg rolls

5/14 :Pizza egg rolls

Skip the traditional egg rolls and serve up this kid-friendly version made with pepperoni and string cheese.

6/14 :Bento panda

Get creative in the kitchen with your kids with these adorable bento pandas. With rice, seaweed and veggies, your kids can help make these healthy creations.

7 /14: Taro pumpkin buns

7/14 :Taro pumpkin buns

Your little ones will love seeing these tasty pumpkin buns on their plates.

8 /14: Candy sushi

8/14 :Candy sushi

Rice crispy treats and gummy worms come together to make this kid-friendly faux sushi.

9 /14: PB&J sushi

9/14 :PB&J sushi

Kids will love helping make these PB&J "sushi rolls." They are perfect for little ones who aren't ready to dive into the real thing.

10 /14: Fruit sushi rolls

10/14 :Fruit sushi rolls

With tortillas, cream cheese and fresh fruit, kids can help make these yummy Asian-inspired fruit rolls.

11 /14: Sandwich sushi

11/14 :Sandwich sushi

If your kids aren't ready for real Asian cuisine, let them make sushi roll sandwiches instead.

12 /14: Almond cookies

12/14 :Almond cookies

Head to the kitchen with your kids and mix up a batch of these Chinese almond cookies.

13 /14: Homemade fried ice cream

13/14 :Homemade fried ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream -- so why not try fried ice cream. You'll often find it in Asian and Mexican restaurants, but you can easily make it at home.

14 /14: Fruit roll-up fortune cookies

14/14 :Fruit roll-up fortune cookies

For a new twist on fortune cookies, make these colorful little treats from fruit roll-ups.