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The Chicest DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

There’s nothing that says Christmastime like decorating the tree, right? And your tree decor style says a lot about you and your family. Maybe you’re one of those moms who has ornaments of blown-glass pickles and martini glasses (holla at my mom). Maybe you’re the one who has the entirely color-coordinated silver foil tree with all-purple ornaments. Or maybe (hi, most moms), your tree has no rhyme or reason to anything that’s on it because your kids simply attack it with everything from their drawings to their questionable craft stick art to their literal cereal spoons to their school photos in pipe cleaner frames followed by a dusting of glitter and macaroni.

Whatever kind of tree mom you are (no judgment here, pickle people), you’re going to need ornaments. And if you and those ever-festive kids are willing to get a little crafty, you can all make your own super-chic ornaments together — and make some cherished memories while you’re at it. (Could we be any sappier? Oh, tree jokes!)

But hey, if you break out in a cold sweat every time you encounter a glue gun and panic when you hear the dreaded words “craft corner” — never fear. We’ve rounded up the most elegant DIY Christmas ornaments that are so easy, even your kids can make them. So gather up said kiddos, turn on a Christmas movie, and take some deep breaths. But maybe don’t inhale too close to the glue gun fumes, OK?

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