Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

by SheKnows
Nov 28, 2012 at 5:22 p.m. ET
Get creative with your Elf on the Shelf. Here is some inspiration from Racheal Pulver to get you started.

1 /26: Elfie Rojo has good hygiene

1/26 :Elfie Rojo has good hygiene

Our sneaky lil’ Elfie Rojo was found in the children’s shower up on the towel rack this morning. Elfie looked like he had just finished taking a bath and flossing his teeth.

2 /26: Elfie rides a butterfly

2/26 :Elfie rides a butterfly

Elfie was found riding one of the butterfly decorations that hangs from the ceiling.

3 /26: Elfie makes snow angels

3/26 :Elfie makes snow angels

The kids found Elfie making “snow” angels on the kitchen table this particular morning and didn’t know whether to laugh or worry that Elfie would be in trouble.

4 /26: Elfie plays pirate

4/26 :Elfie plays pirate

Elfie Rojo, or should I say pirate Rojo, was found hiding in the kitchen cabinets in the Treasure Island skull mug.

5 /26: Elfie brings gifts

5/26 :Elfie brings gifts

Elfie brought his own red Santa bag with little gifts for everyone. Each child received small do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments to make that morning after breakfast.

6 /26: Stocking exchange

6/26 :Stocking exchange

Once again, Elfie Rojo was quite the prankster on this day! He decided to take down all of our Christmas stockings and switch them out for each family member’s underwear.

7 /26: Elfie plays I Spy

7/26 :Elfie plays I Spy

I spy with my little eye….. Elfie Rojo! This particular morning, it took the children forever to find Elfie because he was hiding so well and even disguised himself as a girl complete with a pink bow!

8 /26: Elfie reads a book

8/26 :Elfie reads a book

Elfie found the perfect snuggle spot for him to read a book in front of our Christmas tree.

9 /26: Elfie was naughty and doodled on a photo

9/26 :Elfie was naughty and doodled on a photo

The children found Elfie perched up on one of our framed photos and he had drawn a silly mustache and other doodles on my oldest son’s picture.

10 /26: Elfie plays the guitar

10/26 :Elfie plays the guitar

Elfie Rojo was practicing the guitar when the children found him this day.

11 /26: Elfie was found zip lining through the boy’s room

11/26 :Elfie was found zip lining through the boy’s room

I hung ribbon from the ceiling to the other end of the wall and then taped Elfie’s hand to a candy cane creating a zip line.

12 /26: Elfie plays Twister

12/26 :Elfie plays Twister

Elfie Rojo and his friends stayed up late playing Twister.

13 /26: Elfie Rojo loves ice cream, who knew?

13/26 :Elfie Rojo loves ice cream, who knew?

After searching and searching that morning for Elfie Rojo, my daughter finally found him in the freezer holding an ice cream cone!

14 /26: Elfie impersonates the “Big Guy”

14/26 :Elfie impersonates the “Big Guy”

I hung the tail end of a Santa hat into the kitchen cabinet and then sat Elfie into the mouth cut out of the beard attachment.

15 /26: Elfie Rojo plays Scrabble with friends

15/26 :Elfie Rojo plays Scrabble with friends

Elfie Rojo, along with Hulk, Raggedy Ann, and T-Rex, were found playing an intense game of Scrabble this morning.

16 /26: Candy cane sled in the snow

16/26 :Candy cane sled in the snow

Elfie was found riding a candy cane sled in some marshmallow snow!

17 /26: Elfie writes a cautionary note to remind the kids to be good

17/26 :Elfie writes a cautionary note to remind the kids to be good

The kids were particularly bad one day so the next morning Elfie was found by the front door holding a pencil with which he wrote the kids a note reminding them that they needed to behave to be on Santa’s Nice List.

18 /26: Meet me under the mistletoe

18/26 :Meet me under the mistletoe

Elfie Rojo hung mistletoe in the middle of our hallway which is the busiest area of our house because it connects our living room to the bedrooms.

19 /26: Elfie takes a siesta

19/26 :Elfie takes a siesta

All that travelling back and forth to the North Pole and back has made Elfie Rojo very tired so he decides to relax and have a fruity umbrella drink.

20 /26: Elfie impersonates me

20/26 :Elfie impersonates me

The kids found Elfie in my office taking pictures with my old Iloca camera. His models were 5 McDonald happy meal figurines.

21 /26: Elfie plays with toilet paper

21/26 :Elfie plays with toilet paper

Elfie once again reminded the kids that there were only 5 more days until Christmas. He hung toilet paper from the top cabinet and used Momma’s lip stick to write his message.

22 /26: Elfie loves chocolate chips

22/26 :Elfie loves chocolate chips

Oh our crazy Elfie was found in the pantry this morning head down in a bag of half eaten chocolate chips.

23 /26: Snowball fight!

23/26 :Snowball fight!

Using Lego blocks for barriers and marshmallows for snowballs, Elfie and Bumblebee set out to have very fun time with a big snowball fight.

24 /26: Elfie decorates the house with lights

24/26 :Elfie decorates the house with lights

The kids searched and search all over the house not realizing that he was outside! It looks like he was trying to hang Christmas lights on our house and also trying to drop a subtle hint to Daddy that it needed to be done.

25 /26: Elfie turns the kids into Rudolph

25/26 :Elfie turns the kids into Rudolph

This one was so much fun, but a little tricky to pull off. I woke up early that morning and painted the red dots on about an hour before they typically wake up.

26 /26: Elfie is captured by the Army men

26/26 :Elfie is captured by the Army men

The Army has captured Elfie and they are holding him hostage. With a little bit of rope and a Shake Weight (I knew there was a good use for that thing), the army men try to keep Elfie Rojo from disappearing that night to go back to the North Pole.