Fall fashion trends for tweens

by SheKnows
Aug 30, 2012 at 4:09 a.m. ET
FPgirls looking trendy as ever in their FP Dresses.

As usual, dresses are a go-to for back to school basics. Girls love wearing this trend alone with flip flops, or layered with leggings and boots. Other accessories that girls like to wear with their dresses are funky belts, bright scarves and fun jewelry.

1 /7: Colored Skinnies

1/7 :Colored Skinnies

Maddie, Olivia and Yanna rocking bright skinny jeans.

As we know, skinny jeans are all the rage. But now, they are coming in colors so bright, you’ll need to wear shades! For girls, it doesn’t matter what season it is, they want bright and colorful skinnies to match (or mismatch) with for the first day of school and throughout the year!

2 /7: Layers

2/7 :Layers

Yachira rocking the layered look

A huge trend for this BTS season is layers. As we go from summer to fall, girls will be doing this even more to keep warm. We’ll see tanks under crops, cardigans over short sleeves and leggings under dresses and skirts. Some girls will even layer long socks over skinny jeans/leggings with a pair of lace-up converse to add a little fun to their look!

3 /7: Hair Feathers

3/7 :Hair Feathers

Emily looking super cool with her purple hair feather!

We’ve seen feathers printed on t-shirts, dangling from earrings -- and now, hanging from girls hair! These uber popular, colorful hair accessories come in tons of cool colors and can be clipped in, attached to headbands or be woven into hair strands.

4 /7: Flower Headbands

4/7 :Flower Headbands

Brianna looking fabulous in her white flower headband

A great way to push back unruly strands, or to add some great feminine flair, flower headbands are huge for back to school! Coming in tons of cool colors and styles, girls everywhere can get this look to match just about any outfit!

5 /7: Bright Shades

5/7 :Bright Shades

Peyton and Maddie look back-to-school cool in their colored shades!

Whether it’s the middle of summer or during fall semester, sunglasses -- or ‘sunnies’ as girls like to call them -- are always fun accessories to wear! The Wayfarer style is still as cool as ever, but getting them in cool colors is where it’s at for back to school!

6 /7: Sequins

6/7 :Sequins

Sparkles and sequins are huge for fall and holiday season! Girls are seen wearing this trend as cool embellishments on t-shirts, dresses, cardigan and more. Sequins can also be added on skirt trims, on headbands and other jewelry. The more bling the better!

7 /7: Mustaches

7/7 :Mustaches

FPgirls having fun with these silly mustache props

While it might seem like an unlikely trend for girls, mustaches are at the front of the line when it comes to back to school trends. You can find mustaches printed on graphic t-shirts, attached to glasses or on other accessories: necklaces or bracelets.