Eyeglasses for kids

by SheKnows
Jan 14, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. ET
With a rubber nose pad, anti-slip rubber ear piece and removable neoprene band, the Eyeguard is a great option for just about any sport.

1 /39: Eco Kids 503 eyeglasses

1/39 :Eco Kids 503 eyeglasses

These stylish and durable semi-cat-eye glasses are available in Tortoise Pink and Purple.

2 /39: Float Kids KP-234 eyeglasses

2/39 :Float Kids KP-234 eyeglasses

Rich burgundy and bright turquoise combine with a funky floral print to set these eyeglasses apart from the others.

3 /39: Geek Eyewear GEEK 115 eyeglasses

3/39 :Geek Eyewear GEEK 115 eyeglasses

The plastic frames of these wayfarer-styled glasses are available in a variety of fabulous colors.

4 /39: Hot Kiss HK 11 eyeglasses

4/39 :Hot Kiss HK 11 eyeglasses

With embellished arms and a two-tone frame, these aren't your run-of-the-mill eyeglasses.

5 /39: Just Cavalli JC 0521 eyeglasses

5/39 :Just Cavalli JC 0521 eyeglasses

They also come in Black and Blue, but we're really digging the Havana color.

6 /39: Viva 2006 eyeglasses

6/39 :Viva 2006 eyeglasses

These metal eyeglasses are lightweight, flexible and available in fab colors like Latte, Periwinkle, Rose and Burgundy.

7 /39: Zooventure 8004 Blue Sky eyeglasses

7/39 :Zooventure 8004 Blue Sky eyeglasses

Oval, sky blue frames with pink temples and a flower print make these glasses extra-girly.

8 /39: Ltede 1037 Purple Pink eyeglasses

8/39 :Ltede 1037 Purple Pink eyeglasses

Hawaiian flowers decorate the double-bar arms of these SPECtacular semi-rimless eyeglasses.

9 /39: Lilly Pulitzer Roxy Blue eyeglasses

9/39 :Lilly Pulitzer Roxy Blue eyeglasses

A delicate flower cluster embellishment gives these navy blue metal frames a ultra-feminine appeal.

10 /39: Laura Ashley Heavenly Silver eyeglasses

10/39 :Laura Ashley Heavenly Silver eyeglasses

Metal silver frames offer an unexpected alternative to the season's colorful plastics.

11 /39: Konishi KZ905 C1 eyeglasses

11/39 :Konishi KZ905 C1 eyeglasses

The black oval frame boasts a crystal layer and super-flexible spring hinges for active kids.

12 /39: Hershey HER111 3 Medium Grey eyeglasses

12/39 :Hershey HER111 3 Medium Grey eyeglasses

Your little man will look handsome in polished grey metal frames that boast a Hershey's Kiss on the inner arm.

13 /39: Guess GU457 Purple eyeglasses

13/39 :Guess GU457 Purple eyeglasses

Round and purple : two of the season's hottest eyeglasses trends.

14 /39: Esprit 9385 577 Purple eyeglasses

14/39 : Esprit 9385 577 Purple eyeglasses

Uber-cool semi-rimless frames feature a purple finish, rectangular lenses and a triangle embellishment.

15 /39: Converse Kids Yikes Blue eyeglasses

15/39 :Converse Kids Yikes Blue eyeglasses

Rectangular navy frames are suitable for girls and boys alike.

16 /39: Astro Boy 005 C1 White eyeglasses

16/39 :Astro Boy 005 C1 White eyeglasses

White metal frames, light blue acetate arms and Disney's Astro Boy image send your little guy over the moon.

17 /39: Candies Leah Brown eyeglasses

17/39 :Candies Leah Brown eyeglasses

Slim metal arms and translucent brown acetate frames make these glasses as light as a feather.

18 /39: Barbie 3003 Blue C1 eyeglasses

18/39 :Barbie 3003 Blue C1 eyeglasses

Semi-rimless light blue frames complement Barbie's kiss and make-up for gorgeous, girly style.

19 /39: Nickelodeon SpongeBob Megastar Purple eyeglasses

19/39 :Nickelodeon SpongeBob Megastar Purple eyeglasses

Only a true SpongeBob fan can appreciate these shiny metal frames with flower embellishments.

20 /39: Mini Spada 1004 eyeglasses

20/39 :Mini Spada 1004 eyeglasses

The wide, durable plastic frames are available in blue, pink, purple and red.

21 /39: Little League LLB First Base eyeglasses

21/39 :Little League LLB First Base eyeglasses

The stainless steel frame and flexible spring hinges are ideal for the ballpark and beyond!

22 /39: KIDCO 14 eyeglasses

22/39 :KIDCO 14 eyeglasses

Suitable for young boys and girls alike, these classic round glasses feature a unique hooked earpiece.

23 /39: Wild Child WC 1005 eyeglasses

23/39 :Wild Child WC 1005 eyeglasses

Stripes, polka dots and a sleek metal frame help these eyeglasses really stand out!

24 /39: Mini Bronx C eyeglasses

24/39 :Mini Bronx C eyeglasses

These specs, in tortoiseshell or black, are just the thing for kids who want to look more grown up

25 /39: Mini Commotion MC 1010 eyeglasses

25/39 :Mini Commotion MC 1010 eyeglasses

The full plastic oval frames, sturdy metal arms and spring hinges make these glasses just right for the active child.

26 /39: Zoobug Razzle eyeglasses

26/39 :Zoobug Razzle eyeglasses

Girls ages 6 to 8 will love the Italian-made cat eye frames, which come in pink, red, purple and brown.

27 /39: Paws N Claws 617 eyeglasses

27/39 :Paws N Claws 617 eyeglasses

Every sale of these paw-adorned eyeglasses benefits the ASPCA.

28 /39: Vera Bradley Viva eyeglasses

28/39 :Vera Bradley Viva eyeglasses

Every pair of Vera Bradley glasses comes with a matching case in your favorite pattern.

29 /39: Tommy Hilfiger TH1146 eyeglasses

29/39 :Tommy Hilfiger TH1146 eyeglasses

These Harry Potter-ish eyeglass frames come in red, blue, brown and honey.

30 /39: Lafont Kids Etoile eyeglasses

30/39 :Lafont Kids Etoile eyeglasses

The single bridge, rectangular shape are designed for trendsetting kids.

31 /39: Nike 5507 eyeglasses

31/39 :Nike 5507 eyeglasses

When you see the Nike swoosh, you know it's all about performance.

32 /39: PEZ Sweetie eyeglasses

32/39 :PEZ Sweetie eyeglasses

Affordable pricing and a lifetime warranty make these butterfly-embellished glasses an excellent choice.

33 /39: Ray-Ban Youth RY 1525 eyeglasses

33/39 : Ray-Ban Youth RY 1525 eyeglasses

Fabulous semi-rectangle glasses come in Transparent Azure, Faded Pink Glitter, Violet Red Glitter and Black Faded Transparent Glitter.

34 /39: Swissflex Kids SK07 eyeglasses

34/39 :Swissflex Kids SK07 eyeglasses

Is your child bold enough to wear octagon eyeglasses in Amazon Green, Very Orange or one of the other amazing available colors?

35 /39: Dora the Explorer Cuidado eyeglasses

35/39 :Dora the Explorer Cuidado eyeglasses

Round eyeglass frames are made of durable plastic in Crystal Brown or Crystal Pink.

36 /39: Jones New York Petites J211 eyeglasses

36/39 :Jones New York Petites J211 eyeglasses

Channel your inner Clark Kent with cool frames in Black, Tortoise, Honey or Burgundy.

37 /39: X Games Ripped eyeglasses

37/39 :X Games Ripped eyeglasses

What's cooler than titanium glasses in colors like Oil Slick, Gunmetal, Quicksand and Typhoon?

38 /39: SpiderMan 5408 eyeglasses

38/39 :SpiderMan 5408 eyeglasses

An authentic SpiderMan case is included with these seriously stylish glasses.

39 /39: Pepe Jeans PJ4018 Bernice eyeglasses

39/39 :Pepe Jeans PJ4018 Bernice eyeglasses

The wayfarer styling gives these tween/teen glasses instant geek appeal.