Diapers and their accessories

by SheKnows
Jan 9, 2012 at 1:23 p.m. ET
These modern cloth diapers are highly fashionable and easy to use! FuzziBunz offers two diapering options for your baby. First, the One Size Diaper is adjustable so they fit your baby despite what size they are. Second, the Perfect Size Diapers come in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL for a perfect fit without having to adjust.

1 /5: Best Bottom Diaper System

1/5 :Best Bottom Diaper System

This diaper system utilizes all the pluses of other diapering systems. The cloth diaper gives the trimmest fit with the most absorbency. They are the pocket diaper, the fitted diaper, the prefolded diaper and the all-in-one diaper! They are all of these types rolled into one perfect diaper.

2 /5: Charlie Banana diapers

2/5 :Charlie Banana diapers

These diapers are for green parents everywhere! This system lets parents add a washable and reusable insert to the natural cloth diaper. The product is made of micro terry or wood pulp that is 100 percent biodegradable. These diapers are chemical-free and completely eco-friendly.

3 /5: Kokopax Cotton Diaper Tote

3/5 :Kokopax Cotton Diaper Tote

This is a fun and chic diaper bag that looks more like a fashionable purse than an actual diaper bag! It's made from 100 percent cotton canvas and has a water resistant lining in case of spills. The closure is magnetic and easy to open or close. There is also a drink compartment for mom's beverages!

4 /5: Ty Lucas Amore Tote

4/5 :Ty Lucas Amore Tote

This is a gorgeous tote for any mother! It includes hidden inner straps that allow you to easily clip it onto your baby's stroller. It's also bigger than the average diaper bag and provides plenty of oversized pockets for easy access. Another feature is the internal bottle pouch for milk!

5 /5: Diaper Tote for dad

5/5 :Diaper Tote for dad

This Ty Lucas diaper bag is practical for the dad on-the-go. The bag is chic and masculine with tons of space for all of the diaper bag essentials.