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The A to Z of Baby Name Etiquette

Choosing a baby name is potentially one of the best parts of being pregnant — at the very least, it’s a nice distraction from heartburn and swollen ankles, but it can also get pretty complicated.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Baby-naming is a big deal. Your kid’s name is a piece of their identity for their entire life, so it’s something that deserves a lot of thought. Some people even have their baby names set in stone long before they get the positive pregnancy test result.

While the name you give your kid is your choice, it does pay to bear in mind some etiquette rules. People can get territorial about names, and family naming conflicts are common when emotions run high. (If you’re having a baby with a partner, you’ll likely have two families to consider, which means double the drama.)

To avoid making the process even more complicated than it already is, try to be sensitive to other people’s name choices, be aware of family traditions and keep an open mind.

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