Surprisingly Chic Advent Calendars for Kids

For some, the holiday season starts the day after Halloween; you wake up, and your next-door neighbor has somehow put up all their Christmas lights, is blasting Christmas carols through a loudspeaker and has a 12-foot inflatable Rudolph twerking on their front lawn. (I swear I’m not that neighbor. OK, fine maybe I am.) For others — with slightly more subtlety and tact — the holiday season starts slowly; a snow globe appears on the mantel, a wreath appears on the door. And regardless of your decorating style, there are so many better ways to count down to the big day than those flimsy cardboard kids Advent calendars with gross, rock-hard chocolate inside. You thought that was the only option, didn’t you? It’s OK. Your kids will forgive you.

Not sure how to find an Advent calendar that actually adds to your holiday decor? Not to worry; we’ve rounded up the coolest Advent calendars, from DIYs to Disney figurines, trains to chocolates and more. Your kids will love these so much, they might actually be sad when Christmas arrives — because their awesome Advent is over. But hey, at least then, there will only be 365 days till next Christmas.


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