The hottest new baby gear of 2011

Parents of babies know that the best baby equipment makes life so much easier. Everyone has their favorites — the items you can’t live without and use until they are worn into the ground. Here are five of the coolest new baby products that have hit the market in 2011.

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller

Bugaboo donkey stroller

Probably the most anticipated new item in baby equipment to arrive in 2011 was Bugaboo’s latest stroller — the Bugaboo Donkey.

This hot new stroller easily converts from a single stroller to a double stroller to a twin stroller by easily clicking the different seats in and out of the stroller frame. Parents with multiple children are thrilled that they can finally buy a Bugaboo to carry both kids!

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Boon Glo Nightlight

Boon Glo nightlight

Not just a new product on the baby gear market, but also one of the most innovative, the Boon Glo Nightlight is a must-have for parents of babies. The Glo has three removable glowing balls that you can easily take out and bring with you to peek at a sleeping baby without turning on the lights or place next to you during one of those countless late-night feedings.

This is a piece of baby gear that grows with your child — toddlers and preschoolers will love falling asleep to the glow of the Glo as well.

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Babybjorn high chair

Another favorite brand in the baby equipment arena, BABYBJÖRN released its first high chair this year to very popular reviews.

True to its style, the BABYBJÖRN High Chair is simple, adaptable as your baby grows and above all, safe. We love that the company has thought of unique ways to prevent typical high chair safety issues, such as baby being able to get his or her feet up on the tray, causing the high chair to tip backwards. The tray is even sibling-proof!

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Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Versa

No doubt the best looking of the new 2011 baby gear line-up, the Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag fulfills the diaper bag fantasies of moms everywhere.

Besides its stylish appearance, the Versa is also extremely functional, just as you’d expect from Skip Hop — the bag even expands in the middle to open up 20 percent bigger, which comes in handy for those days when you need to take some extra diapers with you or for storing baby’s winter coat when you’re shopping.

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Boppy SlideLine Collection

Boppy slideline

A Boppy is probably already on your top ten favorites when it comes to baby gear and their newest line of products, the Boppy SlideLine Collection, is sure to become a favorite for 2011 as well.

The SlideLine Collection is focused on supporting the natural development of babies by allowing them to engage and play with toys from one state of development to the next. The playmats are super cute and colorful and even come with a mini-Boppy attached. We hear that more products are soon to be released, so keep an eye on this must-have in 2012 as well.

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