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Creative ways to measure your growing baby bump

Put your thinking cap on and turn your pregnancy brain off because you’re going to love these creative ways to measure your growing baby bump. These memories will become a treasured keepsake for you and your family for years to come.

sticky-belliesPhoto opp

Create a visual memory of your growing baby bump by making a photomontage of your weekly — or monthly — growth. To document your baby’s growth, stand so that you are showing the side of your belly and have someone take a full-length picture of you.

Compile pictures as you progress in your pregnancy and track your growth digitally — by photoshopping in the date and your current week of pregnancy — or with milestone stickers like the ones from Sticky Bellies ($15). After your baby is born, make a fast motion or regular speed slide show with all of the pictures in chronological order to have a special memory of your baby’s time inside the womb.

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It’s all about the numbers

Be reminded of your growing baby belly with weekly, monthly or individual milestone measurements. Each time you measure your baby belly, place a visual marker to forever capture how big your baby was at that moment in time. After your baby is born, frame or place the growth chart in a memory box, so you and your child can look back and reflect on those special moments. I get all teary-eyed just thinking about a mom giving one of these to her pregnant daughter to symbolize and share a special moment in time. Some visual memory keepsakes include Measure Me Mommie ($26-48) and The Mommy Measure ($17).

A star is born

Similar to taking photographs, keep a video diary of your growth progress and add in special messages to your baby, reactions from milestones — finding out the gender, first kick, first contraction, etc. — and finally, the birth. By creating a special video, you will have your fondest memories in one place and at your fingertips whenever you want to reminisce.

Tips for measuring your growing baby belly

  • Mark your calendar or set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it’s time to capture your belly’s growth.
  • Ask for help from a friend or family member, especially if you are taking weekly pictures or video.
  • Keep your supplies in the same spot. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to capture a moment only to find that you misplaced your stickers, camera or measuring tape.
  • Wear the same color shirt — or even the same shirt — if you are doing a photo or video montage.
  • Take the video and/or pictures in front of the same door or wall. Also, standing in front of a light-colored wall is the best backdrop for this project.
  • Make sure you have good lighting by standing outside or shining a light towards you from behind the camera.
  • End your series with a picture of the baby. If you use a charm or tape measure, take a picture of the baby with it. If you take weekly photos or video, make the last picture of you holding your newborn baby in the same spot.

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Image credit: Sticky Bellies

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