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7 Ways to feel sexy after having a baby

Even when you’re physically not ready for sex postpartum, you may have the urge to tap into your inner sex kitten. Although your body may not be back to its pre-pregnancy form after giving birth, you can still boost your self-confidence and ignite your inner spark. From sporting a new ‘do to taking a break from nursing, discover seven tips on ways to feel sexy after having a baby.


1Start the day off right

Whether you’re planning to head out or snuggle with your bundle of joy all day, taking a little time to engage in a morning routine can go a long way. “For me to feel good about myself I had to start every day with a shower, put on makeup, fix my hair and put on jewelry,” shares Nicole Atkinson of Towson, Maryland.

2Exercise your body post pregnancy

Once you have a green light from your physician, get closer to getting physical with your partner by exercising. It will not only help you lose the baby weight, but also get those feel-good endorphins pumping and encouraging a surge of sexiness.

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3Put on some non-maternity clothes

After giving birth, you may be tempted to stay in your maternity clothes for the long haul. But even if your body post pregnancy is a larger clothing size, splurging on a new outfit will help you feel sexy and remind you that you don’t always have to be in mommy mode.

4Enlist some help

Whether it’s help with the housework, a babysitter or a mommy’s helper, hiring or accepting help with the baby and household chores will reduce your stress and increase your libido. The helping hands will give you a little more time to yourself, too, so light some candles and sink into a bubble bath and think sensual thoughts.

5Think sexy thoughts

Tap into some suggestive thinking and you may find yourself feeling like the hot mama you really are. Need a little inspiration? Turn on a romantic or sexy movie and you may soon find yourself feeling as erotic as you were before you pregnancy.

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6Head to the beauty salon

Styling your hair in something other than a new mother ponytail will make you feel 100 times better after giving birth, so head to the salon for some primping and pampering. While you’re there, treat yourself to a mani-pedi, too!

7Take a break from nursing

Invest in a breast pump and hand over baby feeding duties every once in a while. Whether it is daddy or grandma or a babysitter you can trust, feeling more like a woman and less like a milk machine can help you feel sexy once more.

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Most importantly, don’t pressure yourself into feeling sexy or engaging in sex before you’re ready. According to the, many physicians recommend waiting four to six weeks postpartum before having sex, but fatigue, postpartum blues and changes in the way you view your body after pregnancy affect your sex drive. Rven when you’re not ready to do the mattress mambo with your partner just yet, you can still find ways to feel sexy after having a baby — and have fun teasing your man in the process!

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