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12 Baby items that pull double duty

Raising a baby can be a costly affair, but when you purchase nursery products that can be used in more ways than one, you can stretch your dollar when your kiddo goes from infant to elementary school. From a changing table that doubles as a dresser to nursery decorating tricks that will go the distance, check out 12 baby items that can pull double duty.

1Changing table

“Instead of splurging on an expensive changing table that your child will outgrow in a couple of years,” suggests Teresa Simpson,, “use a changing pad that can be mounted to the top of an existing dresser or chest of drawers for a solution that can be used long into your youngster’s teen years.”

2Boppy-pillowNursing pillows

Nursing pillows like the Boppy can be reclaimed as lounging pillows once nursing becomes a thing of the past.

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3Burp cloths

Burp cloths and cloth diapers pull double duty as on-the-go changing pads, but also make supple dust rags once your burping and diapering days are behind you.


Be strategic when picking out the perfect crib and go for a convertible model that transforms into a bed. You may also be able to convert the removable side rail into a baby gate or dog gate to keep wanderers safe.

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5Diaper-DekorDiaper pail

The convenience of diaper pails, such as the Diaper Dekor, do not have to stop once toddlers are potty trained when you reuse as a compost bin or recycle can as a green alternative.

6Growth chart

Choose a growth chart that has a neutral theme to track your tike’s growth serves as wall décor that lasts through changes in your baby’s room theme.

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7Diaper bags

Kids may outgrow their baby gear, but when you reuse items like diaper bags as roomy overnight bags, sending the kids to grandma’s house is a breeze.

8Wipe containers

Refillable wipe containers make convenient catchalls for makeup, art supplies, hair accessories and toys, whether stacking in a drawer or on a shelf in a playroom.

9Fisher-Price-BathBaby bathtub

Once your baby outgrows the baby bathtub, don’t toss it out with the bathwater — reuse items like bath tubs to tote gardening supplies or pull double-duty as a portable potting bench.

10Formula cans

Reuse empty formula cans for your little one’s hair accessories and embellish to match your nursery decorating theme.

11Baby clothes


You can hand down, donate or reuse outgrown baby clothes as rags, but for a keepsake spin, try sewing them into a memory blanket or a plush pal for your kiddo.


Turn old baby socks into dusting rags, quick deodorant removers for clothes or cut out the foot to create a leg warmer or crawler sock for your little mover.

Trying to reuse baby items in a new way is practical, but if there’s a nursery decorating piece or baby gear you just have to have, go ahead and splurge. While some baby items only last for a short time, opting for a few nursery items that pull double-duty — even when it’s only one or two items — will save you a little dough while being a more earth-friendly parent in the process!

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