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10 Creative ways to announce you’re pregnant (GIFs)

Discovering you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of your life. Little is greater than realizing you are about to expand your family with a sweet bundle of personality. Sharing that life-changing moment with friends and family can be unpredictable at best. Here are some fun pregnancy reveal ideas for sharing your big news!

1. An actual bun in the oven

This sweet saying is even sweeter when it’s delivered by someone with a growing belly.

Gif: Giphy

2. A Photobooth surprise

Slip the baby news into a moment your spouse will least expect it. Smile! We’re having a baby!

Gif: Imgur

3. No time for wine

It might be obvious that something is up when you pass on your favorite drink at a family gathering. It’s the perfect setup to share the big news!

Gif: Giphy

4. Call a family meeting!

Call the kids together and deliver the news as a family. Someone around here is going to be a big brother or sister!

Gif: Giphy

5. Let Super Mario do the talking

Super Mario did more than simply rescue Princess Peach. Let Nintendo’s royal family deliver your message loud and clear!

Gif: Giphy

6. Wrap a baby-inspired gift

Baby inspired gift


A pair of tiny tennis shoes? A bib? A pacifier? Watch your loved ones piece together the message you’re sending when they open baby-inspired gear!

7. Say it with cake

The wonderful thing about messages on cakes is that you make your point, you celebrate and then you get to eat it! Now that’s my kind of party!

Gif: Imgur

8. Personalize a card

Addressing your parents as Grandma and Grandpa in a simple card might be all you need to cause an uproar in your kitchen.

Gif: Imgur

9. At the VMAs

Revealing your pregnancy at the Video Music Awards works best if you are Beyoncé, but if there is a stage and a microphone nearby… why not you?

Gif: Giphy

10. Regardless of how your moment is shared, a new life is precious and always a frameworthy experience!

Gif: Imgur

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