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Men watch the miracle of birth for the first time (VIDEO)

The miracle of birth is more like the horror of birth for these dudes seeing it for the first time.


Somebody definitely should have told one of these guys to hold off on his lunch break. BuzzFeed had men sit down together and watch a standard vaginal delivery and their reactions are truly hilarious. Of course they all went in feeling fairly trepidatious but I’d say across the board they got waaaaaay more than they expected. There was more than a fair share of flinching, head-holding, and out-right screaming. Here’s hoping that the video inspired the guys to take the business of birth-giving slightly more seriously than they ever have before.

To be fair, all the dudes were pretty reverential about the experience! Two even end up holding hands and beaming about having witnessed the miracle of life. I am impressed. I am a lady myself but even I would have to permanently put down the ramen after watching a child coming eeking out into the world. This one is definitely worth a watch, it is guaranteed to make you chuckle regardless of your gender.

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