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8 Ways to make waffle sandwiches

Who would have thought that you can make a sandwich with a waffle? Well, you can, and it’s delicious! Here are a few ways you can make these appetizing waffle sandwiches in your very own home.


Waffle breakfast sandwich

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Image Credit: Milisa from Miss in the Kitchen

Breakfast just got more exciting! These buttermilk-oat waffles make a superb breakfast sandwich that everyone can enjoy.

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Chicken and waffle sandwich

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Image Credit: Susan Palmer from Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

The chicken in this recipe is the blogger’s fool-proof oven-fried chicken method. The waffles are Brussels style, which is a yeast-based waffle that makes them light and airy. A must try!

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Savory waffle breakfast sandwich

Savory Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Image Credit: Cassie from Cassie Craves

These savory waffle breakfast sandwiches are an enjoyable way to put a spin on your dinner plans. Plus, your family will love the idea of having breakfast for dinner.

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Freshly-pressed waffle sandwiches

Freshly Pressed Waffle Sandwiches

Image Credit: Cindy from Cindy’s Recipe and Writings

A Friday night must-have with the family includes this panini-style waffle sandwich! It’s a delightful way to do panini-style sandwiches that everyone will enjoy. And they are so easy to make!

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Apple-and-cheddar stuffed waffle sandwich

Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Waffle Sandwich

Image Credit: Emily from Layers of Happiness

Apples and cheddar doesn’t sound pleasant together, but this sandwich is a must! Another great thing about this quick fix is that children will love it!

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BLT (and onion) waffle sandwich

BLT (and Onion) Waffle Sandwich

Image Credit: Word Magician from The Word Magician

This waffle sandwich is a great way to combine two breakfast favorites into one delicious lunchtime sandwich. Who knew that you can make a BLT out of a waffle?

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Peanut butter and banana waffle sandwich

Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Sandwich

Image Credit: Lindsey Doolittle from In With Skin

Adding a delicious snack to your busy workday can be difficult, but with this peanut butter and banana waffle sandwich you will steer clear of the hunger and have a healthy snack too!

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Sweet or savory yeasted waffle sandwiches

Sweet or Savory Yeasted Waffle Sandwiches

Image Credit: Kristen Madaus from Farm Fresh Feasts

Having different ways to make waffle sandwiches is always interesting and fun to try. This recipe uses pepperoni, Italian sausage, corn, red pepper, red onion and cheddar. Absolutely to die for!!

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