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Handy mom uses for WD-40

Long before Pinterest came along, moms have been using WD-40 to give squeaky doors the boot. But, you may not know how many ways this handy little can will really save the day.

Boy with stuck bike chain

From removing gum and crayon to unsticking child safety seat buckles and bike chains, discover 40 handy mom uses for WD-40.

Dries out

  • Drives out moisture from the flashlights you forgot to unpack last summer
  • Removes moisture from cell phones your toddler dropped in the toilet
  • Dehydrates wet bike chains kids soaked riding through puddles
  • De-moisturizes gate latches to prevent them from rusting


  • Removes the skid marks your kids left with their bikes on the sidewalk
  • Gets rid of shoe and chair scuff marks on practically any surface of your abode
  • Erases the crayon marks your toddler created on vinyl surfaces and walls
  • Takes away the lipstick stains your teen gets on her clothes
  • Gets rid of all sorts of stains left behind from food, drinks and pots in stainless steel sinks
  • Strikes out the tomato stains left on your family’s clothing from yesterday’s pizza party

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  • Quickly and easily releases child safety seat buckles that get sticky by juice and soda
  • Opens jammed gas caps on the family car before you hit the road for vacation
  • Unlocks stubborn door latches stiff from years of wear and tear
  • Dislodges broken keys your high schooler has lost in locks
  • Restores the swivel in minivan chairs to their former smooth ride
  • Releases tenacious zippers on jackets, pants and more
  • Gets gum off of floor boards, floor mats, window sills and even out of door locks
  • Helps untangle snarled jewelry chains from your — or your little girl’s — jewelry box


  • Keeps garden tools from rusting while you teach your kids to go organic
  • Protects antique toys too precious for your youngsters to play with
  • Lubricates baby gate hinges to ensure they’re working properly and safely
  • Inhibits rust on the pogo sticks your kids leave out in the yard
  • Prevents silver from tarnishing so you can pass them on to your grandkids
  • Guards shower doors from water spots making bathroom cleanup a breeze

Stops squeaks

  • Gives tricycles a smooth ride when you’re out on your evening stroll
  • Quiets noisy nursery room doors making it easy to peek in on your bundle of joy
  • Keeps strollers from sticking, making it easier to navigate with one hand
  • Hushes squeaky cribs to help your pride and joy sleep soundly
  • Silences creaky baby swings so your sweet pea can drift off to dreamland
  • Pacifies noisy minivan doors that have been overused from years of soccer practice

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And more!

  • Deters animals from garbage cans
  • Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging
  • Dissolves glues from tape, crafts and stickers from toys, counters and more
  • Greases inner tubes for faster sledding down the hill on a snow day
  • Loosens rusted screws on outdoor barbecues, getting it ready for your next backyard bash
  • Softens leather sandals
  • Lubricates little fingers stuck in holes
  • Breaks in baseball mitts a little quicker, so he can get out on the field
  • Restores chalkboards to like-new prestige both inside and outside the classroom
  • Gives floors a waxy look without making it slippery, especially when company is on its way

Tell us

Now that you know how to remove crayon and gum, what are your secret handy mom uses for WD-40?

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