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Memphis Zoo — Memphis, Tennessee

Allow the Memphis Zoo to take you on a family trip around the world to exotic locations filled with wildlife and flora. Let your imagination transport you as you visit each themed exhibit, learning and seeing animals from all corners of the globe.

Toddler and dad at zoo

Memphis Zoo, Memphis

Gargantuan stone statues of zoo animals greet you as you approach the Memphis Zoo setting the stage for the awe and wonder the entire family will experience while spending a day at one of the most comprehensive zoos in the nation. Once you enter through the gates find yourself in the Zoo Courtyard where Memphis’ version of the Nile River flows. Younger children will have fun traipsing through the water and playing in the fountain. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to dry off as you walk around from one themed exhibit to the next.

With so much to see and do, you may want to save some energy by riding the Zoo Tram while you decide which exhibit to see next. Will it be a trip to the Orient via the China Exhibit home to the Zoo’s two pandas, a trip to the African Veldt where elephants, rhinos and giraffes roam or a visit to Penguin Rock to see the penguins frolic. There are plenty of concessions throughout the Zoo, but you can also bring your own. In fact there are picnic areas where you can enjoy that special made lunch.

Younger children will enjoy the playground or riding the carousel. Take a trip to Once Upon a Farm to see your favorite farmyard animals up close and personal at the petting zoo. Another fun activity for youngsters is riding the Farm Train. Summers in Memphis bring the heat, so you may want to cool off in the Primate Pavilion before heading to Primate Canyon where you’ll see monkeys, gorillas, orangutans and more or find refuge in the Great Lodge at the Teton Trek exhibit. Sit back in one of the rocking chairs on the balcony and you’ll be able to look over the grounds of the exhibit where grizzly bears, wolves and elk roam. Throughout the year, the Zoo has special seasonal activities like camel rides in the summer, trick or treating in the fall and an indoor ice skating rink and Zoo Lights in the winter.

More about Memphis Zoo

Address: 2000 Prentiss Place, Memphis, Tennessee 38112

Phone: 901.333.6500

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