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5 Ideas for old-fashioned summer fun

It’s time to introduce your kids to summer fun, the old-fashioned way!

Kids today have lots of great things we never had, but sometimes simpler is better. Think back on some of your favorite summer activities from when you were a kid and share them with your family. Here are five of our favorite old-fashioned ways to have summer fun!

Street fairs and festivals

Remember when you used to spend all summer waiting for the local festival or street fair? Kids today tend to turn their noses up at the smaller events. Spark that same enthusiasm in your little ones! Take them and show them how to have fun. Buy them corn dogs and cotton candy, play games, ride rides and have a great time. If you’re having fun, they will too!

Go swimming, but not in a pool!

We didn’t need fancy pools and neither do our kids! Go for a swim in your local lake or pond. Play Marco Polo, build a sandcastle and catch a frog or a turtle.

Backyard campout

There’s no need for fancy RVs or even a big campground. Help your kids set up a tent right in your backyard! If they’re old enough, let them have friends over and sleep out there. If they’re younger, sleep outside with them. Set up a small fire and roast hotdogs and make s’mores, just like you used to do.

Catch lightning bugs

You know summer’s here when the lightning bugs start glowing in your backyard at night. Teach your kids the art of catching those summertime beauties, and don’t go out and buy a fancy bughouse — put holes in the top of a pickle jar, just like you used to do!

Road trip!

These days, it seems like families are always hopping on a plane and jetting off somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with getting to your destination in a hurry, but you miss all the fun stuff that way! When you plan your vacation this summer, add in a few days to travel and drive there. Stop off at lots of places on the way, play travel games, sing songs and drive each other crazy. It all makes for wonderful memories!


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