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Top resources for summertime family fun

Summer’s here! There’s no need to scramble for ways to keep your family busy. Some of the top resources for summertime family fun are right around the corner!

School’s out, but that’s no excuse to be bored! Look to these top resources for summertime family fun the next time your family needs something to do.

Local parks

Unless you live out in the country, there’s probably at least one or two parks within walking distance of your house. Take advantage of these local treasures! Let the kids play on the playground, and play right along with them — there’s no rule that says grown-up kids can’t join in on the fun. When you’re all played out, sit down for a picnic before you head home.

Swimming pools

It’s hot outside, so let the family cool off with a dip in the pool. Make a day of it with a packed lunch, and bring plenty of pool toys, but check with the pool first to see if those items are allowed. Remember that most local pools require break times, at least for children, when no minors are allowed in the water. Bring something to keep the kids busy during those times like books, handheld video games or a ball and gloves for a game of catch.


Slather on the sunscreen and strap on your walking shoes — every summer should include a day at the zoo! Your kids will marvel at seeing the creatures they’ve only heard about, and you’ll love to see their amazement. Call ahead or check the website before you go to learn what you can and can’t bring, as well as the times for any special shows or demonstrations that day.

Amusement parks

A day at an amusement park will likely be the highlight of your family’s summer. Teenagers love thrill rides, tweens like wooden coasters and little ones like slow-going rides you can join them on. Most amusement parks have a little bit of all of this, and probably a whole lot more. If you have an amusement park nearby, take advantage. Even if you don’t, it’s worth the drive!

The great outdoors

Say goodbye to the city and head into nature with your family. Pick a nearby nature trail and go for a hike, or pitch a tent and go camping for a weekend. Either way, you’ll have an adventure and you’ll all have fun. Make sure to bring plenty of water, dress for your surroundings and bring bug spray!


There’s nothing like a day full of sand, surf and sun! If you live close to a beach, be it a big ocean or a little lake, spend at least one or two summer days near the water. Build a sand castle, look for shells, pack a picnic and just enjoy the sound of the water and the sun on your face.

Local fairs and festivals

Local fairs and festivals are a great way to spend time together as a family and they’re always a guaranteed good time! If you don’t know, find out when your state and county, as well as some of the neighboring counties, have their fairs and try to go to as many as you can. Don’t discount the local festivals, either. They can be corny, but they’re usually a ton of fun, and smaller events mean smaller lines!

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