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Best family picnic spots

Can you think of a more quintessential summer activity than a family picnic? Check out the best places to stop for a family picnic.

Neighborhood park

Keep it simple by packing up the wagon and taking a stroll to your neighborhood park. Don’t forget to pack other post-picnic essentials like a Frisbee, football, kite and sand toys. Then kick off your shoes and stretch out in the shade to digest your meal as your kids play in the park.

Mountain top

If you really want to earn your picnic lunch, pack it in a backpack and take a hike to enjoy it at the summit. Before heading out on any hiking trails, do some research about the area, difficulty of the trails and designated picnic/rest areas with facilities. Bring plenty of fluids to drink as you hike to replenish when you reach your picnic place.

Beach/scenic overlook

Enjoy a picnic on the beach (careful not to get sand in your sandwiches!), or at a scenic area over looking the coast. Plan an evening picnic so you can nosh on your portable nibbles while watching the sun go down — make a bet to see which of your family members can catch the green flash!


Do some research about some local gardens in your town, or surrounding areas. From the stunning Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona to the lush Japanese Garden in the UW Botanic Gardens at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle, the nation is home to some fabulous public gardens that make amazing surroundings for a family picnic. Do your research before you go to ensure you can pack in your own lunch items.


State zoos all over the country offer ample places to enjoy lunch with amazing wildlife as a backdrop for your family picnic. Aside from just viewing animals, zoos offer a variety of options when it comes to where you want to park your family for your picnic lunch.

Your own backyard

Dining al fresco makes any meal seem fancier and just plain fun. On a whim, plan a picnic in your backyard. Spread out a blanket on the grass or set up a picnic table on the patio and, voila, instant picnic.

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