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Best family parks

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

You can’t have a list of best family parks without including the world’s very first national park, right? Yellowstone National Park is home to more than 300 geysers, 290 waterfalls, one of the world’s largest petrified forests, rare and ample wildlife and 12 campgrounds. It is truly a haven for a nature-loving family.

No visit to Yellowstone is complete, of course, without viewing Old Faithful, a cone-type geyser which erupts in varied intervals between around 45 to 125 minutes and spouts up between 90 and 184 feet in the air. Though the eruptions vary, park rangers’ predictions are about 90 percent accurate, give or take about 10 minutes.

Slide Rock National Park, Sedona, Arizona

Ready for some slippery, sliding wet summer fun? Get your family to Slide Rock National Park, which features an 80-foot natural “slippery shoot” that you can slide down. You can also swim, fish, hike, and picnic in areas surrounding the slide.

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