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Canobie Lake Park – Salem, New Hampshire

A Salem staple for over 100-years, the family-run Canobie Lake Park is a mashup of quirky, old-fashioned attractions and exciting, modern rides that are sure to thrill the entire family.

Canobie lake park

Canobie Lake Park, Salem

Every year, major amusement parks compete to build the tallest, highest, fastest, longest roller coasters to attract the largest number of visitors for the season. And it usually works! Unfortunately, that typically means you’ll spend half your day waiting in four-hour lines for just one ride.

Luckily, Canobie Lake Park is just the right size — popular and big enough to add exciting new rides every few years, yet small enough that it never feels too overcrowded. The theme park has over 85-rides, attractions, games and live shows too, so you’ll never feel as if you’ve run out of things to do.

To experience some theme park nostalgia, hop on the Dodgems bumper cars or the Yankee Cannonball wooden roller coaster – both of which have been in part of Canobie Lake Park since the 1930s. For thrill seekers, the park has several scream-worthy roller coasters, like the inverting Canobie Corkscrew and 97-degree drop of Untamed, the steepest coaster in the Northeast.

Younger kids can get their first taste of the roller coaster riding bug on the tame Dragon Coaster or they can try controlling their own rides on the Wave Blaster and Over the Rainbow. Guest can ride together as a family on a number of rides too, including the Antique Cars, the Giant Sky Wheel, the Tea Cups and the Twist and Shout Tilt-a-Whirl.

Canobie Lake Park hasn’t forgotten about its littlest riders either. Kiddie Land has over a dozen rides that you must be little to ride. Youngsters need to be under 48-inches tall for the Kiddie Canoes, the Alpine Swing, the Mini-Dinos, the Helicopters and more.

Food and refreshments run the gamut from typical fair food of hot dogs and hamburgers to the unexpected seafood options like fried clams. While Canobie Lake does offer a lot of choices for lunch inside the park, the prices are typically higher, as in all theme parks. Outside food and beverages can’t be brought into the park, however they do have a re-admission policy and free parking which means you can leave the grounds for lunch if you’d like to save a little money.

More about Canobie Lake Park

Address: 85 N. Policy St., Salem, NH 03079

Phone: 603-893-3506




Image courtesy of Canobie Lake Park

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