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5 Airport games for kids

A one-hour layover in an airport is like an eternity to a child. Try these five travel tips to keep your little ones entertained.

I Spy

Tara Cannon of Pint Size recommends I Spy to keep airport-bound children occupied. Play this classic guessing game with two or more players.

  • Player #1 looks around and silently selects an object that can be seen by all of the players.
  • Player #1 says, “I spy with my little eye…” and then gives a description of the object, such as “something big,” or “something metal,” or “something round.”
  • The other players take turns trying to guess what the object is. The first player to guess the object correctly takes over for Player #1 and picks the next object.

Mom tip: If you’re playing with really young children who don’t guess well, take turns instead.

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If your kids get a little rowdy when playing games, consider keeping them still and quiet with audiobooks. With their favorite books and a set of headphones, they’ll be all set — on the ride to the airport, at the airport and on the plane!

MacMillan Audio features children’s classics read by some of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is read by Gwyneth Paltrow, Bad Kitty by Vanessa Williams, Brave Irene by Meryl Streep and many, many more.

Mom tip: Pick up a few good books for yourself, too!

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Savvi Magic Paint Posters

Savvi Magic Paint Posters are perfect for travel. The paint books and sheets have a watercolor paint palette printed directly on the paper — no need for paints, or paintbrushes. With a cotton swab (or a finger!) dipped in water, kids can “activate” the washable watercolor paints.

Kid travel blogger The Tourist Baby tested Magic Paint Posters and found them “very convenient to use, lightweight and easy to throw into a bag.”

Mom tip: Shop Walmart, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Dollar General and Michaels.

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Tegu 6-Piece Prism Pocket Pouch

Keep their minds occupied and their hands busy with the six magnetic puzzle pieces in a felt travel pouch. Children ages 3 and up will spend hours creating different sculptures. And because the pieces are magnetic, they’re less likely to be lost.

Feel good about buying this toy. Tegu Magnetic Blocks are made from sustainably sourced, eco-friendly Honduran hardwoods and assembled by local craftspeople.

Mom tip: Avoid meltdowns by buying a second set… just in case the first one gets misplaced.

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Unwrap Attack

This clever “game” is from Mathias Friess, CEO of the online travel agency After traveling all over the world with his two young girls, he found a simple, inexpensive way to keep them from getting too antsy.

Wrap up small dollar store trinkets — coloring books, crayons, silly putty — and give one to your child every hour. They’ll spend time with each new item and the hours will pass more quickly for them.

Mom tip: Include a few snacks as gifts.

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