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Carowinds – South Carolina/North Carolina border

Get your fill of thrills at Carowinds!


Carowinds is a diverse amusement park where there really is something for everyone. They have thrill rides, wooden roller coasters and family rides.

The best thrill ride by far is the Intimidator, which is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the state. When you go up that first incline, you tend to panic, but after that all you can think is “Wheeee!” The line for this ride is always long, but fear not, it moves pretty quickly.

If you have kids, you’ll love Planet Snoopy, an entire section of the park dedicated to younger children and rides just for them. This area is one of the few places in the park where you’ll find shade, but that’s good, since the kiddos are the ones that tend to overheat first.

Admission to Boomerang Bay is included with your standard park admission, which is a nice change of pace from most of the other theme parks. They get crowded fast, especially on hot days, so if you want a place to keep your stuff, get a cabana. It’s an extra charge, but it’s great to have a shaded place to rest, and it’s just about the only way you and your family will be able to sit together most days.

The food at the park is expensive, but it’s tasty. You can’t bring food into the park, but you do have a few choices if you don’t want to eat here. If you get your hand stamped when you leave you can come back in, so pack a cooler lunch and eat in your car. That can actually be a great choice on a hot day, because it may be your only chance for air conditioning all day! There are also a couple of fast-food restaurants within walking distance where you can eat at half the price or less.

Address: 300 Carowinds Blvd., Fort Mill, SC 29708

Phone: 803-548-5300

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