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Kansas Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson

If you are looking for somewhere a little out of the ordinary to take your kids, consider the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. Unlike any museum you’ve seen before, this family attraction was built within a deep deposit of rock salt.

Underground SAlt Museum

Kansas Underground Salt Museum, Hutchinson

Located in the city of Hutchinson, the Kansas Underground Salt Museum is an extremely unique family-friendly destination that will provide hours of entertainment and education. The museum was built 650 feet within one of the country’s largest rock salt deposits, which was created more than 270 million years ago. Open for tours every day of the week other than Monday, you’ll be able to choose from a few different tours and rides.

Instead of selecting a specific tour or ride, we recommend the Salt Blast Pass because it includes all the tours and rides for one reasonable price. The cost is $12 for adults who live within the county and $18 for adults from out of the area. The cost for all children is $12. However, please note that children 3 years old and younger aren’t allowed.

The tours, which each last about two hours, take you 650 feet underground. The whole time, the tour guides tell you about the formation of the salt deposit, offer information on how the salt is mined and give you a history of the Hutchinson Salt Company.

The rides include the Dark Ride on a tram. You get a piece of salt rock as a souvenir at the end! On the Train Ride, you explore the Kansas Underground Salt Museum on an old train that was last used to collect salt back in the ’20s. Its rustic charm is undeniable.

In addition to the tours and rides, you can visit a hands-on museum that includes numerous exhibits that are both wondrous and enlightening.

It’s best to call ahead to the Kansas Underground Salt Museum to make a reservation. Otherwise, you run the risk of long lines. If you decide to go there without a reservation, you can catch one of the tours that leave every 20 minutes.

As you probably know, weather in Kansas can be highly unpredictable. However, the great thing about this museum being underground is that the weather is very predictable. All year, it’s 68 degrees with a relatively high humidity, so make sure your entire family dresses appropriately. You’ll also be required to wear a hard hat and a rescue breather, but that’s a small hindrance considering the amount of enjoyment you and your family will have.

Address: 3504 E. Avenue G., Hutchinson, Kansas, 67501

Phone: 620-662-1425


Image courtesy of the Underground Salt Museum

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