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Camden Park in Huntington, West Virginia

Take a step back in time to the way amusement parks used to be when you visit Camden Park in Huntington, West Virginia.

Camden park train

Camden Park, Huntington

Spending a day at an amusement park with your family is like nothing else, but when you go to the larger parks you end up spending most of your day standing in long lines. You can forget about that when you visit Camden Park in Huntington, West Virginia.

This smaller-scale amusement park is a nod to the days when parks were simpler, rides were smaller and lines were almost non-existent. When you pull in, you’ll see a 40-foot clown pointing toward the front gate. This is your first signal that you’ve found something special.

Although the place looks like nothing has changed in 50 years, the paint is fresh and everything is clean and well-maintained. It almost seems like a place that time hasn’t touched.

Some of the more popular rides are a lot like the ones you’ll find at a carnival or fair: a pirate ship, a Tilt-a-Whirl, a carousel and a train ride. They also have small wooden rollercoasters, bumper cars and a log ride. Since the lines aren’t usually any longer than five minutes, you can plan on riding everything at least once, but probably two or three times if you stay all day.

If you’re impressed by old-school rides, you’ll love the haunted house. It’s gravity-powered and still fully functional, a tribute to the way rides once were.

If you’re with small children or on a date, make sure to ride the Swan Lake paddleboats.

Older kids (namely, teenagers) may not be as impressed with this park. With no thrill rides, you won’t find yourself dropping 30 stories from the sky or plunging into tunnels of darkness. Camden Park is more of a family-oriented place, and the rides are geared toward children from preschoolers to preteens.

More about Camden Park

Address: 5000 Waverly Road, Huntington, West Virginia, 25704
Phone: 866-822-6336

Image courtesy of Camden Park

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