Enchanted Forest Theme Park – Salem, Oregon

A theme park for the entire family that is like taking a step back in time, in the best possible way, Oregon’s Enchanted Forest Theme Park brings good, old-fashioned family attractions back to life!

Enchanted Forest Theme Park

Have you been wondering where all of those great, classic amusement parks, like those you visited as a child, have gone? We’re not talking about the ones with roller coasters that do so many flips that your stomach doesn’t remember where it’s supposed to be in your body! While those are super fun and exciting, there’s nothing like a place such as the Enchanted Forest Theme Park to bring your family together for some family fun!

Located in Turner, Oregon, which is just south of Salem, Oregon, in the center of the state, Enchanted Forest has been in operation since 1971, opened by a local father who realized there was not much for families to do together in the Salem area. He literally put his blood, sweat and tears into building the Enchanted Forest, adding more and more attractions over the years to create the park that we know and love today.

There are seven different areas of Enchanted Forest, each offering different types of fun! The rides area uses the ticket system and features the Big Timber Log Ride, the biggest log ride in the Northwest, with a 40-foot plunge, as well as classics like bumper boats and cars. Storybook Lane is an absolute favorite and home to beloved characters such as Humpty Dumpty and the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe (there’s a slide inside!). From there, hit up Tofteville Western Town, where the old West comes alive. Also not to be missed are the Haunted House, English Village, the Comedy Theater and the Fantasy Fountains Water-Light Show, which comes on after dark.

A few tips for visiting Enchanted Forest from families who love to visit — be sure to bring sunscreen and bottled water and dress light — it can be extremely hot in this part of Oregon during the summer months and sometimes even beyond that. Keep an eye on their Facebook page where they often announce special admission discounts. And although admission to the park is free for children ages two and under, they still must pay to ride the rides, so be sure to get them their own tickets!


Address: 8462 Enchanted Way SE, Turner, OR 97392

Phone: 503-371-4242

Website: enchantedforest.com


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