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Festivals and family events in Oregon

Whether you live in Oregon or are visiting from another state, you’ll soon find out that Oregon has more family-friendly festivals and family events than you can count! The hardest part is going to be picking which ones you want to go to the most! Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Portland Pirate Festival

Arrr, me matey! Pull out your coolest eye-patch and load your swashbuckling family into the car and head to the Portland Pirate Festival, where the world of pirates comes alive before your very eyes — or eye, if you’re still wearing the eye-patch! The annual two-day event has countless activities for kids, including an entire area called Scupper Monkey Island.

Location: Downtown Waterfront District of St. Helens, Oregon

Phone: 503-292-3418

Dates: Labor Day Weekend



Sherwood Robin Hood Festival

You thought that the world of Robin Hood was reserved for the movies… or somewhere in the forests of England, but guess again! Each year, the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival pays homage to its namesake with an entire Robin Hood-themed festival that families love. Don’t miss the parades, the amazing costumes and, of course, the food!

Location: Sherwood, OR

Phone: 503-625-4233

Dates: Late July



Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival

There’s nothing more mesmerizing to a child than looking up into a sky filled with kites! Each Fall Lincoln City, on the Oregon Coast, plays host to the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival — a family-friendly event that is worth planning an entire weekend around. From kite-making workshops for kids to kite flying demonstrations from professionals, each piece of this festival is a must-see! Don’t forget to bring rain coats — it’s likely to be wet and windy!

Location: Center of Lincoln City, OR at D-River Wayside

Phone: 541-996-1274

Dates: Every fall, typically late September/early October


Waterfront Blues Festival

Known to Portland locals as the way to celebrate the Fourth of July, the Waterfront Blues Festival is one of the biggest annual events in Portland — and luckily for families, it’s kid-friendly! Head down to the waterfront earlier in the day to enjoy lunch, music and people-watching, then pull up a blanket on the grass and settle in for a spectacular fireworks display after the sun goes down!

Location: Tom McCall Waterfront Park, 1020 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97204

Phone: 503-282-0555

Dates: Beginning the day of Fourth of July and lasting through the weekend



Festival of Balloons in Tigard

A festival that captures the imaginations and hearts of families in Oregon every single year is the Festival of Balloons in Tigard. Not only are the hot air balloons on their own worth visiting this festival for, but the entire weekend is filled with kid-friendly events including a full-blown carnival, food galore and live music. Do your best to get up early and catch a sunrise launch or catch how they light up the balloons after dark — it’s something your kids will never forget.

Location: Cook Park, 17005 SW 92nd Ave., Tigard, OR 97224

Phone: 503-612-8213

Dates: Summer, typically late July



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