Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward

Teach the kids about Alaska’s diverse sea life at this enormous aquatic center that will engage little inquisitive minds.

Kids at aquarium

Alaska SeaLife Center

The Alaska SeaLife Center is truly an all-encompassing sea life experience, blending education and fun together in one modern building. In the heart of Seward, this coastal museum and interactive experience is near other popular Alaska attractions, like shopping, kayaking, sailing, rafting, horseback riding and more.

Get your child’s mind asking the right scientific questions at the museum’s education seminars, which include cutesy classes like “Beaks, Bubbles and Burrows” and “The Scoop on Poop.” If you want to have a night alone as a couple, drop the kids off for a Nocturne Sleepover, where kids will learn observation skill and spend the night next to sea lions, harbor seals and other exciting sea life. Registration for Nocturne Sleepovers is required 30 days in advance. Adults are allowed to stay the night too.

In addition to being a museum and aquarium, the Alaska SeaLife center is also a rehabilitation center for sick and injured sea creatures that wouldn’t make it on their own in the wild. It is also a research center where scientists begin to understand how the animals operate physiologically and in their day-to-day lives, showing children the compassion of caring about animals. Just recently, a sea lion at the museum was bumped into the digital age as scientists humanely attached telemetry devices which track the sea lion’s movement and behavior.

The friendly, scientifically-minded staff absorbs new information in their day-to-day work, and are happy to encourage the questions of little boys and girls wanting to soak up the new, fascinating information like sea sponges.

Address: 301 Railway Ave., Seward, Alaska 99664
Phone: 907-224-6300

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