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Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota

Regardless of how many images you’ve seen of Mount Rushmore, nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking experience of seeing it firsthand.

Mt. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

A trip to Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota should really top all Americans’ bucket lists. With your trip to the Black Hills, you will discover knowledge about the evolution of our country from the time of the first inhabitant to present day America.

The lighting of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a must-see. Each night the sculpture is illuminated for one hour. Illumination times vary with the seasons, so before you plan your visit make sure to check the timing of the lighting to ensure it works with your schedule.

For a mere $5 rental fee, you can access a self-guided tour with recorded informative narration, music, interviews and historic recordings. The audio tour is available at the Information Center as well as the Audio Tour building during summer months.

While there are no camping/RV facilities or lodging within the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, you’ll find plenty of camping and lodging options available in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

With the carved faces of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln in the backdrop, the Black Hills is home to the Avenue of Flags, Lincoln Borglum Museum and other programs and events, such as Independence Day festivities. While fireworks are no longer part of Fourth of July festivities at Mount Rushmore, there is still no better time or place to celebrate your pride in America.

Location:13000 Highway 244, Keystone, South Dakota 57751

?Phone: 605-574-2523?


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