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Alligator Park in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Only in Louisiana can you experience anything like Alligator Park. Thrills await you at this informative and entertaining park.

Alligator Park

If you’re into adventure, Alligator Park won’t disappoint. When even its website is WRITTEN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, it’s pretty clear this is not an attraction for the timid.

Walking into Alligator Park, you’ll immediately sense that you’re in gator territory. This special place is home to hundreds of alligators, ranging in size from 4-foot youngsters to 1,000-pound daddy gators. Here, you’ll get to view these powerful creatures in their natural environment from the safety of protected walkways and platforms.

One of the highlights of your visit will be Alligator Island, where you’ll not only be surrounded by over a hundred alligators, but you’ll also be treated to an alligator show where you and your family will learn about alligator farming and the efforts to save the American alligator. Duck into the island’s movie theater and cool off while watching a 10-minute documentary film, and then head to the Reptile Habitat. Here, you’ll get to see rare reptiles like plated lizards, skinks and water dragons, as well as Caiman crocodiles and baby alligators in an aquarium.

What’s an alligator park without a… tiny town and feeding zoo? That’s right. Walk through a tiny bayou town with a barbershop, schoolhouse, sheriff’s office and more — all built in half-scale sizes. Those little buildings are actually homes to pygmy goats, peacocks and other critters that you can feed through the windows.

Before heading home, catch one more show on Castaway Island. This time, trained professionals play the role of pilots who have crash landed on an island surrounded by huge alligators looking for their lunch. Watch the excitement from the safety of your seats as they feed the thrashing, splashing alligators.

Gator Bites Snack Shop offers authentic Cajun cuisine, including alligator kabobs, gator bites and alligator sausage. Grab some swamp water (fruit punch) in a reusable alligator-shaped cup, and your kids will remember their day at Alligator Park every time they take a drink from it. Mom and Dad can find just about any alligator novelty item in the gift shop for their very own souvenir. Who wouldn’t want an alligator stapler?

Address: 380 Old Bayou Pierre Rd., Natchitoches, LA 71457

Phone: 877-354-7001


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