Holiday Sing-Along at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Sing in harmony as the Walt Disney Concert Hall decks the halls with the sound of holiday music during their annual family-friendly sing-along.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Holiday Sing-Along at Walt Disney Concert Hall

This holiday concert brings families together in an annual holiday tradition that spans generations, but order you tickets early because it only occurs one day per year. Conductors of past have been known to create pop-up book versions of songs, having audience members rise, sit, and rise again in sync with the songs.

For those with family members who are afraid of heights, skip on the balcony section. However, the acoustics in the place make it sound as if the orchestra is right in front of you, regardless of where you sit. You may want to avoid the rear orchestra section, which is located behind the orchestra, because the organ can drown out the sounds of the choir.

While you’re there, go early to experience the free, self-guided audio tour of this magnificent structure. You will learn about the history of the building, see almost every level of the hall from the garden to the balcony. Be sure to make time to take a trip up to the roof for incredible views of the city you won’t get anywhere else.

Once you are ready to belt out some tunes, you will not have to worry that you won’t remember the words to some of your favorite holiday tunes. Rest assured that lyric sheets are provided at the door, so grab your family, clear your throat and sing along!

Holiday Sing-Along at Walt Disney Concert Hall information

Address: 111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90012

Phone: 323-850-2000


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