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National Geographic Museum in Washington DC

Here’s a way to see faraway lands without ever living the Washington DC area! The National Geographic Museum offers countless interactive journeys that take you behind the scenes of their amazing explorations.

Sea turtle

Safari with scientists

Ever wanted to know just how those photographers managed to take such stunning pictures? The National Geographic Museum is continuously introducing new and exciting exhibits based on their explorations and scientific fieldwork from all around the globe. Families can find out about the latest scientific studies in various fields through interactive programs and artifacts. See the current exhibitions — as well as information about permanent displays — here.

Speakers live

The writers, photographers, filmmakers, scientists, explorers and adventurers do regular presentations as part of their National Geographic Live series. They offer these programs nationwide, and the DC events are held at Grosvenor Auditorium. These events are educational and fun, and attract a large following. Check the site to see the upcoming speakers!

On the web

Can’t make it there in person to see the exhibits? Many events are live on their webcast and then archived — so you can venture to countless places online, anytime. Mom and Dad can enjoy the world as seen through the eyes of the National Geographic Society’s world-renowned explorers, scientists, photographers, filmmakers and journalists.

Just for the kids, there’s a childrens’ section where the younger set can learn about things like vampire bats, African art, culture, people and animals and how leopards hunt. There are also geography bees, games, puzzles and cartoons — as well as kid-only photography contests and news.

More about the National Geographic Museum

Location: Washington, D.C. at 17th and M Streets NW (just a short walk from the Farragut North and Farragut West metro stations)


Tickets: May be purchased online, in person, or by calling 202.857.7700

National Geographic Society
National Geographic Society

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