Quarry Splash Pad in Leander, Texas

One of the newest and biggest splash pads in the Austin, Texas area is the Quarry Splash Pad north of Austin in Leander. For kids that love to play in the water, and parents that don’t want to go to the pool, this splash pad is worth the drive for a day of fun, or just for a couple of hours! With features unlike anything you will find at other splash pads, this is one adventure you do not want to pass up.

Quarry splash pad

Get your splash on

The Quarry Splash Pad is located at the back of Williamson County Southwest Regional Park, past all of the playground equipment and athletic fields. It is easy to find, however, if you just follow the signs, and is surrounded by parking spots.

The Splash Pad is built out of smoothed stone, and uses rock features from the quarry formerly located on the land. Now, it is mostly made up of gushers coming up from the ground, but also features its share of other fun: squirters, a waterfall and a water slide that’s just perfect for young kids. (Note that there is no standing water, meaning a low drowning risk — but there’s no lifeguard on duty, either.)

Rocks: The ages

Quarry splash pad

Especially for younger kids, there’s a a smaller play area with small gushers of water and just a bubbling water section for babies and toddlers, a huge sandbox, plus a small water slide that is programmed to spill little amounts of water intermittently, never getting too wet to make the slide too fast for little kids.

Older kids will enjoy a waterfall that dumps water on kids that like to get wet from above — the only overhead water structure — and multiple water squirters kids can shoot towards each other.

The adults will be happy to know there are picnic tables and artificial turf to sit on around the water structures. Have a birthday coming up in your family? There are two large pavilion areas you can rent/reserve for parties. (Call 512.260.4283 for details and reservations.)

The downsides

There were only a few “negatives” we could find about the Quarry Splash Pad:

  1. Because it is new, shade is at a minimum.
  2. There is a slight bend in the play area, so if you are concerned about your little ones getting out of your sight, you may have to follow them around.
  3. There is a snack bar, but it is mostly junk food. However, you can bring your own food and drinks.
  4. There are some parents that do not monitor their children on the slide. It is not a large slide, but can get crowded, so you should watch your kids on it.

Kids of all ages love the Quarry Splash Pad, and after an afternoon of playing they are sure to be exhausted. Without a doubt, the splash pad is a great escape during the hot months for hours of fun!

More details about the Quarry Splash Pad

Website: Williamson County site

Address: 3005 C.R. 175 just north of FM 1431 (The Quarry Splash Pad is located behind the softball fields.)

Phone: 512.260.4283


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