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Old-fashioned fun at Heritage Square

It may not have the cartoon characters or the big crowds, but Colorado’s Heritage Square has plenty to offer families looking for fun!

Off the beaten path

Our family recently discovered a wonderful fun family outing that is off the beaten path. Located in Golden, Colorado, Heritage Square is an old-fashioned amusement park, shopping area and family picnic area that can keep you and your children entertained.

Heritage amusement park

The Amusement Park

Formerly known as Fish and Farm, the Amusement Park at Heritage Square offers a variety of rides and ticket combinations to suit children of all ages and family price ranges. For the younger children, rides include: swings, tea cups, a carousel, a balloon ride, and Miner Mike Roller Coaster.

For the older kids, fun activities include three go-kart tracks for varying skill levels, bumper boats and paddleboats. The Kiddie Track go-karts are for children ages 4-8 and have cars that even a first-timer can control. The Junior Track is specifically designed for children ages 8-12, and has the same Indy style Go-Karts as the Adult Track. The Slick Track Go-karts are faster go karts, and thee course has hairpinned corners and a slick surface.


Heritage alpine slide

Alpine Slide

Another feature of the Complex is the Alpine Slide on the hill behind the rest of the park. After taking a chair lift to the top of the hill, you can enjoy a half-mile slide on one of two tracks down the mountain. One track is faster for those with a need for speed, while the other is a slower track for the more faint-hearted. On both of the tracks, you can control your own speed down the hill with specialized sleds that offer a pull leveler to push forward to go faster or pull back to slow down.

Reservations are not necessary, but if you go on a weekend, or have a large group, they are recommended. Check the schedule on the web site for times and days open.


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