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Four Winds Westward Ho camp

From the activities to the uniforms, this unique camp — located in the San Juan Islands off Seattle, Washington State — offers an experience like stepping into the past. Find out more about Four Winds * Westward Ho here!

Four Winds Camp in Washington state

Four Winds/Westward Ho

Four Winds * Westward Ho is located on Orcas Island, which is among the San Juan Islands in the Northwest corner of Washington State — about 2 hours north of Seattle by car, and easily accessible by car, bus, airport shuttle, or seaplane.

Smaller cabin and tent living arrangements of four to seven campers and one or two experienced counselors allow for close bonds to develop and evolve. Days are filled with a wide range of classic camp activities for all ages and both genders, as well as special days and events that reflect the spirit and tradition of Four Winds.

Four Winds uniforms

Uniforms play an important role in the culture of camp. We strongly believe that people should not be judged by the clothes they wear, and with a large financial aid and international camper population, uniforms — the girls’ are shown at right — are a great equalizer.

The bloomers (originally an article of clothing from the women’s suffrage movement) and middies have been the girls’ uniform for most of camp’s history. While they are uniquely un-modern most find them comfortable and practical and we love the uniqueness and connection it gives us to the past. Boys wear navy blue shorts and matching shirt.


The camp requires that kids behind technology and certain creature comforts for four weeks, and discover what kind of person they can be without them. They will have time to explore, to sail, to sing and play music, to discover new friendships, to create art, to try something new, to talk to people, to imagine, to build fires, to watch the sky, to play outside… the best parts of summer.

Parent perks:

Without the distraction of technology and pervasive pop culture, Four Winds creates a place for children to be children, to build new friendships, and to find joy and peace within themselves.

We do offer a junior session at the end of the summer, for one week, which gives both campers and parents a “taste” of life at camp. Many of the children that experience junior session go on to enjoy the four-week session in later years.

More info:

Phone: (360) 376-2277

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