Plantation Farm Camp, California

Learn more about this green, sustainable summer camp experience on a working farm.

Plantation Farm Camp, California

Plantation Farm Camp, California

At this green, sustainable summer camp on a working farm, kids live ina rustic farm and develop an appreciation of the natural world, a respect for their place in the various ecosystems, and an awareness of their impact on the world around them.

Plantation Farm Camp is located on a 150 year old sustainable farm in the midst of the coastal Sonoma Redwoods. With two lakes, a pool and surrounded by thousands of acres of forests for fort building, hiking and trail rides, Plantation is a piece of heaven on earth. Most of the buildings date back to the founding of the town of Plantation in the 1860s — including the Barn, where they have Barn Dances and perform dramas and Druids Hall, which houses a museum. They are also only one mile from the Pacific Ocean, allowing them to take advantage of the coast, whether exploring the tidepools, hiking down to the beach, or riding horses along the bluffs.

What we love:

Campers choose from dozens of activities traditional camp activities like; hiking, swimming, sports, and arts and crafts. Plantation also incorporates the farm and wilderness. There are two chore activity periods each day which include milking the cows or goats, to tending the organic garden, caring for the horses, gathering eggs and feeding the chickens, caring for the puppies and kittens. Campers work in small groups with counselors, choosing a new chore each week.

They use the wool that is shorn from sheep to felt, spin, weave and knit. Kids help with cooking and learn to bake sourdough bread, make fresh jam from the fruit gathered on the farm, make butter, ice cream, and goat cheese. The wilderness program includes gorgeous hikes to the Pacific Ocean down gulches as well as maintained trails. They incorporate survival skills from chopping wood, to making a fire, to cooking meals over that fire. Nature awareness and environmental education activities are also an integral part of their program.

Every Saturday night is a Barn Dance complete with line dances, folk dances from around the world, and square dancing. Each session has an International Day during which each unit becomes a country by making a dish for a progressive dinner, decorating their unit and dressing up. They also have Sheep Shearing where kids get to help bring the sheep into the barn to be shorn and can even try their hand at shearing the sheep.

Parent perks:

The animals are an integral part of the program. It is not a petting zoo — campers learn and interact with the animals with the opportunity to care for and nurture another living being. In return, the animals appreciate the care and love them back unconditionally.

The Food is farm-fresh, all-natural (much of it is raised on the farm) and gourmet quality. As part of the community they grow into stronger people, better equipped to handle the challenges of growing up. Through their farm activities, they develop self-confidence, responsibility and accountability. By choosing their own program, they develop critical thinking, problem solving and resilience.

More info:

Phone: (707) 847-3494


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