Camp Mesorah

Camp Mesorah is an Orthodox Jewish coed camp with a full slate of indoor and outdoor activities.

Camp Mesorah

Camp Mesorah

Camp Mesorah is an Orthodox Jewish coed summer camp and it is committed to bringing together dedicated camping professionals, educators, athletes and counselors who will act as role models to campers. These role models move from the class room to the dining room to the ball field to interact with the children on every level. Located in the sprawling hills of upstate Guilford, New York, it recently merged with Sportstar Academy, to offer the boys and girls the most cutting edge programming in sports, arts, dance, aerobics as well as two synagogues which has merged with and much more.

What we love:

Its basketball courts, tennis courts, hockey rinks, volleyball courts (hard court and beach), baseball fields, an aerobics room, dance studio, full art rooms and ceramics studio, library, canteen, two gyms, two pools and a picturesque lake front filled with aqua-slides and tubing.

A typical daily schedule includes Torah learning, swim/lake time, various sports games, wilderness/archery, art, and exciting night activities. Sports leagues, tournaments, Night Leagues, Zumba, water aerobics, cooking, dance, banana boating, bar-b-ques, and trips are planned to the last detail.

Parent Perks:

Camp Mesorah knows that not all children are ready to begin sleep away camp at the same age. In that light, they have created some of the most innovative programs to help them “ease” into the experience. Both the popular Mesorah Experience, the 3 day program, as well as mini-Mesorah, the two-week program, enable campers the opportunity to get a “feel” for camp without the full four-week commitment.

Make life-long friends, create memories that will last forever, and have the time of your life at Camp Mesorah. Their motto? “It is our belief that camp is not only a recreational experience, but a critical part of a child’s development process. We believe that we have created a place where values, midot, ruach and fun meld together into one memorable experience.”

More info:

Phone: 845-362-7778