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The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures

Spectacular locations, character building, environmental awareness: The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures have it all for kids in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington DC.

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The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures

Teen Wilderness Adventures include spectacular locations like the White Mountain National Forest, where teens get to experience some of the most impressive above-tree line panoramas in the Northeast as part of their hiking and wilderness adventures.

They combine one or more outdoor activities — like hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, and service and conservation adventures — with spectacular destinations such as the White Mountains region of northern New Hampshire and western Maine, the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire, the Maine Highlands of northern Maine, and Acadia National Park. Group sizes ranges from 6 to 10 and all trips have at least two instructors at all times.

What we love:

Participants in AMC’s Teen Wilderness Adventures learn about the outdoors and develop essential life skills through 5-to-23-day wilderness adventure programs in New Hampshire and Maine. With trips for novices as well as experienced outdoors enthusiasts, this program fosters an appreciation for the environment, develops self-esteem, instills a spirit of adventure, and promotes teamwork, friendship, and a sense of community through memorable wilderness experiences.

Their 20-day Leadership Training Backpack course prepares older teens (ages 16-18) for their own personal wilderness adventures, and it can also be an important step towards becoming a wilderness instructor. Many graduates of this program have gone on to work with the AMC.

Their Youth Adventures series, for ages 12-13, offers a variety of outdoor activities but keeps hiking distances and pack weights appropriate for younger participants. These adventures start with day hikes that lead up to a short backpacking, rock climbing, or canoe trip. Youth Adventures help kids of this age increase their outdoor confidence and skills while building self-sufficiency.

Parent perks:

Excellent value – rates include instruction, transportation, meals, group equipment, and camping fees. They offer all participants free use of AMC outdoor gear, which can be a significant savings for first timers or kids who will outgrow gear yearly. New Wilderness Conservation and Service Adventure focuses on outdoor ethics and conservation and offers the opportunity to earn up to 24 service hours, which can be applied toward high school graduation community service requirements.

More info:

Phone: 603-466-2727

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