Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Sep 15, 2011 at 8:42 p.m. ET

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center offers a rotating selection of exhibits and art of all media types -- sure to have something for just about everyone!

Atlanta contemporary art museum

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Often referred to as "The Contemporary," this museum serves an artist's cooperative focused on -- guesss what? -- contemporary artwork. Art of all media is featured, with a prominent focus on artists who haven't been featured in the Southeast. Exhibitions change approximately every three months, so there is something new and exciting with every visit. They pride themselves on "presenting cutting-edge contemporary art reflective of the world around us."

Founded in 1973, the Contemporary (or ACAC) also offers visitors contests, panels, and guest lectures -- as well as a gift shop with art books, music, jewelry, and branded tote bags.

The details

Name: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Address: 535 Means Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 404.688.1970

Online: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center -

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