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San Diego Air and Space Museum

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is recognized as one of the country’s premiere aerospace museums, and is well worth checking out. Here are the details to help get you started on your own space adventure!

San Diego Air & Space Museum

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Boasting vintage planes, an aircraft carrier exhibit, and space age technology, the San Diego Air & Space Museum showcases a model of the Montgolfier brother’s hot air balloon of 1783, as well as mint condition aircraft used during wars, including World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Throughout the year, the museum offers special hosts lectures, student programs and special events. Before you plan your visit, check the museum’s website for events, dates and times, and don’t miss the Kids Page for the events and museum highlights that will entertain and educate your children.

The details

Name: San Diego Air & Space Museum

Address: 2001 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101

Admission: See website for admission prices, as well as fees for the Flight Simulator, restoration tours and other options.

Online: San Diego Air & Space Museum –



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