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How to wake up those tired eyes

Need some tips for not looking as tired as you really feel? Arizona-based makeup artist Cherelynn Baker of Makeup University offers these tricks!


Do your eyes say more than you want them too — namely, that you’re just exhausted? Try these quick fixes!


Soothe red eyes

Red, tired, jet lagged, or up-all-night-with-the baby eyes can be soothed with cold cucumber slices. The key is to make the slices thin so they fit the contour of the eye. Need more help? See Gentle treatments to soothe weary eyes.


Minimize under-eye bags

Similarly, dark under-eye circles (and bags) can be remedied with the application of cold raw potato slices applied directly to a closed lid for several minutes. For more tricks to try, check out this article: Get rid of dark circles under your eyes.


Calm puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can be helped by applying cold-water-soaked chamomile tea bags. (Get more tips in Say goodbye to puffy eyes.)


Makeup for tired eyes

As for makeup for these tired eyes, try a little blue mascara. Not the shocking 1980s version, but a good dark navy blue. (I like Christian Dior “DiorShow” mascara, which comes in navy — and I know that Benefit Cosmetics BADGAL mascara does, too.)

BebeFit Badgal blue mascara

If these aren’t in the budget, the next best thing is L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, but it is hard to find that brand in navy. When I do find it, I buy every one hanging on the rack!

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