Wisconsin: Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

If you’re in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum is a must-see!

Wisconsin children's museum

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: children’s museum

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

929 E. Wisconsin Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53202

General info: 414-390-KIDS

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum exhibits include:

My Body Works: Explore the workings of the human body. Crawl through a giant human heart. Weave a scab on the great wall of skin. Hear how food is digested in the Digestion Tunnel;

A Trading Place: Role play jobs in the community and learn about economics and commerce. Pick apples from our orchard. Serve dinner at the Cafe Eat. Count money in the bank vault;

WBB-TV – Ready, set, action! Get into the picture in the chroma-key studio. Experiment with electronic pictures and sounds. Direct camera switching;

Sound All Around: Travel through the human ear, just like a sound wave. Explore exotic musical instruments. Play a keyboard. Learn how animals hear. Write a secret message using sign language;

Play Port: For toddlers only, ages 3 and under. Explore a large barge. Play with sand and water. Watch all the live action outside on Lake Michigan;

Toys By Us: Every child is an artist. Use paper, yarn, buttons, cardboard, markers, crayons and more to create something completely unique. Projects may vary, but you’ll always proudly claim, “I made it myself.”

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